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Principal’s Desk

With the rich history of three decades of providing quality dental education, the institute has come a long way in producing competent and skilled dental surgeon. Today we boost of an adequate infrastructure, faculty, facilities and clinical material that are required to produce quality dental graduates.  There is individual attention for each and every student in the college as number of admissions for the undergraduate program is limited to forty per year. Our primary aim is not only to produce skilled dental surgeons but an ethical, well rounded professional dentist who can take up the entrepreneurial role of running a successful life, as our moto is “good individual first and then good dental surgeon”.

Dentistry is an excellent branch of medicine which is a combination of science and art. Students who have an artistic inclination, and interested in medical science are the best suited for being a dental student. Since, there is a demographic imbalance in the dentist to population distribution; it is for the future generation dental surgeons to create a balance and see that all can grow and all are benefitted and also the ethical values needs to be strengthened to achieve the same.



To conclude, this is a 29 year old institution (established in 1991) which has brought about the best dental graduates. We are now looking forward to start postgraduate studies and provide the best and advanced tertiary dental service to developing (Karnataka-Hyderabad) Kalyan region.


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