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About The Subject

The department handles two subjects which are the foundation subjects for practice of Dentistry

  1. Dental Anatomy and Dental Histology for first year BDS

Students are educated in anatomy and histology of different teeth, maxillofacial structures, neuromuscular structures, oral mucous membrane, oral physiology etc which are crucial for the students to understand and practice of all the branches of dentistry.

  1. Oral pathology

The subject is taught from second year BDS and continues in third year where the student face oral pathology exams and oral pathology is the specialty of dentistry and discipline of pathology that deals with the nature, identification, and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions (the mouth and jaw areas). Importance of pathology is highlighted by the famous saying from a famous physician Dr Hutchinson.  “As is your pathology, so is your practice” oral pathology is a strong foundation for a practice of dentistry.

Teaching Methods

  1. Dental Anatomy and Dental Histology
    1. Didactic lectures
    2. Carving of the permanent teeth to understand anatomy of teeth and improve dexterity.
    3. Slide identification to understand oral and dental histology.
    4. Dental Casts and spotter identification 
    5. Discussions and project work
  2. Oral Pathology and Microbiology
      1. Didactic lectures
      2. Slide identification to understand oral pathology.
      3. Dental Casts and spotter identification 
      4. Discussions and project work
      5. Seminar presentation by students

Treatment Rendered in our Department

Diagnostic histopathology services provided in the department.


Dr. Surendar Nandi Konda, MDS

Professor & HOD

Dr. Lubna Nazneen, MDS


Dr. Kulkarni Narashima Raju , BDS


Dr. Zubiya Nazeen Jameel patel , BDS


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