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Capability Enhancement Schemes

Details of the Activities conducted during Last five years

Capability enhancement and development schemes employed by the Institution for students


Career counseling is an effort for career guidance to student’s right from the completion of the course about the available career options as per their interest. Our institution provides career counseling which would ultimately lead them towards right guidance for more scope in dentistry and proper decision making in their future endeavor.


The skills are what we believe will equip the individual to carry out their role to the best of their ability. Employability depends on one’s knowledge, skills and attitude, and how to use those assets and how presentable one can be. Communication skills are one of the most important parts of employability skills, and these skills are the ability to explain what one can mean in a clear and concise way. Entrance examination for students who wish to study postgraduate dental course (MDS), need a lot of hard work and proper guidance, Coaching classes are regularly conducted for interns by efficient staff of our institution.


Human values are the core of being human that features to guide people to take into account the human element when one interacts with other human. The values which are considered basic inherent values in humans include truth, honesty, loyalty, love and peace because they bring out fundamental goodness of human beings and society at large. Our institution strives hard to create human values among our students.


Soft skills are personal attributes that influence how well the students can work and interact with others. These skills make it easier to form relationships with people and create trust, dependability and lead teams. Our institution has conducted regular programs for development of soft-skill with students. It enhances leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving skills, adaptability and interpersonal skills with students.


English is necessary for communication since it is one of the global languages. Communication skill is the key to career success and it is of prime importance in the field of professional course. Our institution is providing regular classes for students to enhance their communication skills and vocabulary.


Good mental health of students is vital for a pleasant college experience and also to shine in academics. Our college has assigned mentors for each student and mentor mentee meetings are conducted on a regular basis to bring out their personal, professional or social difficulties and to resolve them.


Yoga enhances both mental and physical health. Our institution provides regular yoga classes which include postures, breathing exercises and meditation that make the students healthier in body, mind and spirit.

For more details students can contact to

Dr. Lubna Nazneen, Reader, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Dr. Pooja Madki, Reader, Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

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