Welcome to S.B Patil Institute for Dental Sciences and Research (Established in 1991)

Department of Periodontology and Implantology

Department Of Periodontology And Implantology

What We Do In This Department?

Each person’s smile is different… but every attractive smile has two things in common: A full set of pearly white teeth, and the right amount of healthy pink gum tissue ( Supporting structure of teeth) to show them off. Periodontics is that specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes; the replacement of lost teeth and supporting structures by regeneration, tissue engineering, implantation of natural and/or synthetic devices and materials; and the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these tissues and structures.Periodontists are sometimes called “the plastic surgeons of dentistry.” Like conventional plastic surgeons, they can use various techniques to remodel soft tissue, and even reshape bone in the jaw. Our department has clinics for students. A separate sterilization room, looks for the overall sterilization , disinfection of instruments and materials.The department has a good patient inflow, on an average aboutmorethan 40 patients visit the department for treatment daily.

Faculty List

Name of the staff  Designation
Dr. Sharashchandra Professor and Head
Dr. Bacha Shraddanand Reader
Dr. Vidya N Senior Lecture
Dr.Ashwini Patil Tutor
Dr. Ayesha Pasha Tutor

Teaching Methods

The tutorials for students are conducted in the Classrooms with audiovisual facilities. We impart training for the posting students as small group discussion as well as in an individual manner so as to prepare a student to diagnose and treat the diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth on a daily practice basis and make appropriate referrals for advanced care.


Oral health education, Oral hygiene Instructions ,Oral prophylaxis, Root planing and Curettage, Minor gingival surgical procedure, Crown lengthening procedure, Flap surgery, Gingivectomy, Bone regeneration, Tissue Augmentation , Depigmentation, Root coverage procedure, Low level laser therapy, Photodynamic therapy, Periodontal abscess treatment, Splinting, Ressective osseous surgery, Hemisection, Bicuspidation, Periodontal – prosthetic corrections, Socket preservation, Ridge augmentation, Aesthetic surgical correction, Reconstruction of papillae, Aesthetic surgical correction around implant, Surgical exposure of unerupted teeth for orthodontics, Aberrant frenum removal, Increase vestibular depth for prosthetic requirement, Increase width of attach gingival, Biological width correction