Welcome to S.B Patil Institute for Dental Sciences and Research (Established in 1991)

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Department Of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

About The Subject

“Prevention first, Replacement next”
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics is one of the core subjects of Dentistry. It is concerned with maintaining the teeth alive and healthy.
It includes Operative Dentistry and Endodontics. Operative Dentistry deals with restoration of form, function and aesthetics in decayed/ injured, diseased or malformed teeth.
Endodontics refers to invasive treatment of teeth when disease/ injury involving pulp.

Teaching Methods

  1. Theory
  2. Didactic Lectures
  3. Student seminars
  4. Clinical discussions
  5. Practical/Clinical Skill
  6. Preclinical conservative dentistry: Students in their second year are trained on phantom heads.
    Chairside discussions and demonstrations
    Working on patients: Only after the students acquire thorough dexterity, students from 3rd year and final year will treat patients under the supervision of the staff and continue to learn the subject during internship where students are encouraged to treat patients independently.

Faculty List


Faculty Name Designation
Dr. S.M. Sharath Chandra, MDS Prof. & HOD, PRINCIPAL
Dr. K Shashank, MDS Professor
Dr. Nandini, MDS Reader
Dr. Keerti Allappanavar, MDS Reader
Dr. Kainath Fatima, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. Zubair Ahmed, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. Daga Radhika, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. B Naveen, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. Tamkin Patel, BDS Tutor
Dr. Nabeela Naza, BDS Tutor
Dr. Dr. Saima Nausheen, BDS Tutor
Dr. Syeda Arjumand Fatima, BDS Tutor
Dr. Zubiya Nazneen Jameel Patel, BDS Tutor

Treatment Rendered in our Department

    1. Amalgam Permanent Restoration
    2. GIC Permanent Restoration
    3. ZOE Temporary Restoration
    4. Direct & Indirect Pulp Capping
    5. Tooth Coloured Composite Restoration
    6. Post & Core – Screw & Fibre Post
    7. Bleaching of teeth
    8. Root Canal Therapy 
    9. Treatment of failed RC treated teeth.
    10. Veneers- Composite & Ceramic
    11. Surgical Endodontics